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Send a ringless campaign to your cell phone list. Prospects listen to your voicemail message.They are prompted to TEXT the word "Go" to your assigned SMS phone number that we give you. We instantly send them a text back leading them to your website, landing or capture page.    

Your own SMS Number/Auto-Responder

We assign you your own SMS phone number. Includes 100 free auto-responded SMS texts.
Pay as you go with NO CONTRACTS! 

Ringless Voicemail

Discount Ringless Voicemail Drops as low as 2.5 cents per delivered message. Purchase leads or use the Lead Generation Software that comes with GRS.

You Can Earn $500 over and over again with our built-in 1 Up Comp Plan*

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You automatically become an affiliate
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  • SMS phone number   
  • Includes 100 Free SMS Credits!
  • Pay as you go. SMS credits are 0.0075 per credit
    Only $7.50 for 1000 Texts!
  • Discount RVMs including cell numbers
  • Automatically become an Affiliate
  • Can Make $500 over and over again reselling GRS*
  • Built-in one-up comp plan
  • Includes 7 Lead Generation software tools for Windows
  • Our Platform is FCC & TCPA Compliant